Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring Are You There?

The crazy weather has sort of come to a halt to grace us this easter (even though sunshine and hail storm together aren't ideal for a sunday brunch). Since it is easter I felt like wearing one of my favourite all white outfits, because theres nothing like walking out on a crisp sunny morning in that little white something. Unfortunately it was too cold to do just that so I still had to layer up. Even though I'm someone who prefers the warmth, I've sort of become less grumpy because I'm so in love with this fresh spring green faux suede shearling jacket. I don't know how many millions of outfit combinations I have saved on my phone with this jacket. It kind of makes me regret not taking advantage of winter, because soon I'll be running out of the weather that makes me grumpy but lets me wear this dream coat. So until it gets to 20 degrees, be ready to see tons more of this coat by Poppy Lovers Boutique.
Happy Easter Babes!

 (S P R I N G  A R E  Y O U  T H E R E  A T T I R E)
(Nude Sunglasses - Street Market)
(Faux Cable Knit Sweater - Mango)
(Envelope Clutch - Zara)
(Textured Skirt - Choies.Com)
(Candy Heels - Zara)


  1. Yes... it is a gorgeous looking jacket!

  2. nice shoes

  3. Hi Lotta ! Where are you currently

  4. Wow, great Look :-*