Friday, April 3, 2015


I spent the past weekend back at home in Finland, over dosing on all the food I hadn't even realised I missed. It's been a year since I was last here, and about month since I had last raided my moms closet. She's an immaculate shopper, handy crafts maker and above all always has great taste. So to no surprise when I probed through her belongings I found multiple amazing pieces that I was immediately dying to wear. (Hence the reason I barely packed anything) The will power to just cover myself in every single one of her beautiful things all at once was overwhelming. To my luck the weather here got so cold, and so snowy that wearing all of my moms clothes at once really began to seem like a great option, albeit not a very stylish one. (Things are bound to clash.. haha) Unfortunately however the one day I was able to spend in the streets of Helsinki, where I was dying to shoot this amazing coat by the danish designer Malene Birger, it started hailing snow. The entire day was a snowstorm, we were so lucky to even be able to board our flight the next morning! So instead of showing you the beautiful church in the middle of Helsinki, (the perfect backdrop to this coat) I'll just show you what I was up to instead. Hitting the amazing H/M Studio, to splurge on a little well needed post-break-up goodies and treats. The Studios S/S15 collection is so on point I'm surprised I walked out with any of my pay check left. Too bad I need to also save a little to travel! But here are a few of my favourite pieces I found back in Helsinki!
Happy Thursday!


P H O T O #ONE                                                         P H O T O #TWO                                                    P H O T O #THREE
(Beige Fedora - Topshop)                                     (Tunic Suit - H/M Studio)                                           (Tan Fedora - Topshop)
(Silk Tank Top - COS)                                 (Flare Business Pants - H/M Studio)             (Grey Turtleneck Tank - H/M Studio)
(Lace Bralett - H&M)                                              (Quilted Bag - Zara)                             (Gray Flare Trousers - H/M Studio)
(Ripped Mom Jeans - Topshop)                               
(Felt One Stripe Coat - Malene Birger)
(Quilted Satchel Bag - Zara)
(Sneakers - Nike Frees)

P H O T O #Four                                                           P H O T O #Five                                                          P H O T O #Six
(Oversize Turtleneck - H/M Studio)                         (Silk Tank top - COS)                                               (Lace Bralet - H&M)
                                                                     (Felt One Stripe Coat - Malene Birger)           (Flare Business Pants - H/M Studio)
                                                                          (Camel Trousers - Gina Tricot)                
                                                                             (Quilted Satchel Bag - Zara)


  1. Those flare pants look so good on you!

  2. great photos, you are really stunning!
    Emma xx

  3. All these outfits are so perfect, love!