Friday, April 10, 2015

Berlin Bound

When it comes to travelling I’m still on the way to ‘perfecting’ my own technique. Even though I’ve travelled loads, I’ve  done the majority of it on my dads terms and not alone. Don’t get me wrong taking advice from a business man who travels around 270 days a year is super helpful, but also seeing as my dad doesn’t feel the need to take ten pairs of shoes and a never ending supply of purses for a two day trip I can’t exactly live by his travel techniques. Ever since I started travelling alone, I’ve worked my way to build up a routine to make travelling a bit more easier on my nerves. I’m always excited to travel because I absolutely love being on the road, but nevertheless until the very minute I can sit down, ticket in hand and on route, i’m under the control of my travel anxiety. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep and I sure as hell can’t pack. In the past years I’ve made it a point to start packing two weeks in advance just so I know I’ll have everything. Fortunately this ritual also helps me avoid the state I get in once I’ve been absolutely crippled by my anxiety. Last time I packed when I couldn’t think straight was during my move to London. Well the anxiety and the fact that I just got home from a seven hour Oktoberfest session ended with me in cold cold London with only shorts, sandals, summer dresses and one spring coat. 
Coming to Berlin I was given the choice between riding the train or flying, I immediately opted for the train. Thankfully for this short trip I only really needed two outfits, and thanks to specific weather report research and intense schedule I was easily able to quickly choose to no-fuss, simple outfits to pack. However more so I was hoping that not having to fly, and think about the logistics of my carry on vs the airport security would decrease the amount of travel anxiety.  Especially since the last two times I flew alone went very wrong very fast. I firstly underestimated the intensity of rush hour, missed my flight and ended up stranded at the airport without underwear. Then secondly when I got a rescheduled flight I ended up being questioned in the interrogation room, by the scariest of all brits mind you, about some questionable substances they traced from my Mango satchel. Who thought my idea of the perfect burgundy uni bag is an airport nightmare? #neverlfyingwiththatpurseagain  
The anxiety of preparing to travel still came, and thanks to my bed hair and cranky facial expression I can safely say I slept an hour last night. However based on my recent travel incidents I really do prefer travelling by train. And here is why:
  1. It’s classy
  2. I basically live at the central train station so I can really just roll out of bed and onto a train
  3. So far I haven’t been interrogated by any scary brits (also probably because the Mango bag is safe and sound in the pile of clothes I still need to fold located on my bed)
  4. I’m not stranded millions of miles away from society (actually safely on my way to Berlin)
  5. I definitely have underwear on (and with me)

What more reasons do you need to love trains? I think from now on I’ll do all my travelling this way, less fuss and defiantly an easier place to get home from incase I miss my train. 

(B E R L I N  B O U N D  A T T I R E)